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Nude bath towels are the classic style of the Atour Hotel. Its soft color gives people warm feelings, so as to ease people's travelling fatigue. The environmental protection is the biggest characteristic of nude bath towels because no bleaching is required and the towel color is the original color of the yarn.
Superior water absorption
Durable easy to wash and dry
No chemical added
Natural anti-bacterial
Material: 100% cotton
Yarn Count: 16s/1*21s/1*21s/1
Size: Standards (150*80*750g)
Craft :
1.Plain weave spiral
2.Plain weave sateen
3.Plain weave satin that is suitable for embroidery.
4.Three needles with five lines used strengthen edge firmly to avoid yarn displacing.
1.Classified washing. Different type towels washing together can cause excessive friction. And then towels are easy to be damaged.
2.If hydrogen peroxide is used, the main washing temperature is 75。 Bath Linen